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Website Devlopment : Pratik IT Services, Giridih, Jharkhand devloping and hosted your website in J2EE, JSP, Struts2, Hibernate, Spring, Jquery, Jcaptcha and Jasper open sources technology. So, you are not needed purchasing of any software for any time, because all of the above is available General Public License(GNL).
TDS Services : Pratik IT Services, Giridih, Jharkhand successfully lounched TDS paper preparation system on 11th February 2013 and more than 15,000 TDS paper & more than 2,000 U/s-89(i)/Form-10E is successfully prepared by this system upto Financial Year 2018-19

Key Feature of TDS Services:

1. Prepare TDS, Schedule and Salary Details in prescribed formate of Income Tax Department.

2. Keep your soft copy TDS in future without any cost. So lost of TDS paper is not a matter and you re-print here TDS paper without any cost in future.

3. Examption from U/s-89(i) is also prepared by our TDS Services with minmum filling data by user. If your TDS is prepared by this system than In Future only arrear details is filling by you for calculation of exampted amount in U/S 89(i) and all report is easly generated by our TDS Services.

4. Changing in TDS is easly available and you change her TDS withine a minute.

5. Print a TDS any day in future as your requirement.

6. Downloaded her TDS paper in PDF formate and saved you as your choice.

7. DDO is also abale to keep TDS paper in CD for future recorded.

8. Calculation of Tax is fully computerised. So, All calculation is doing by this system is fully tested software. So you not warry about wrong calculation or prepartion TDS paper.

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